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Barbara came to Samaritans two and a half years ago with a simple desire to serve others.

Barbara was born in London and came to the US in 1972. She has lived here full time since the '80s, has traveled extensively, and now lives in Rhode Island, surrounded by water. When she lived in London, she worked as a TV producer & writer and continued that work for many years here in the US. Barbara now teaches yoga and meditation. She is also a writer, Master Gardener and has worked in landscape design for quite a few years.


When asked about her family, Barbara told us her mother was American, and her father was English. "My Mum joined the WWII effort as a Red Cross Nurse and traveled to England in convoy. Her ship was torpedoed and sunk off Iceland. Some of her fellow nurses were lost, but thankfully, she made it to England, where she met my father in the English Royal Artillery. I have three siblings who live all over the globe with their families. We zoom in when we can get the time zones to align. I have been married to an American for just shy of 40 years. We have two wild and wonderful grown daughters who live relatively close. I have loved and lived with three Golden Retrievers and multiple cats."

Barbara loves to read, but it’s usually CNN or PBS when watching TV. Red, aqua, and teal are her favorite colors. She loves all music from Zydeco to Classical, and Cornwell, UK is where she would have lived if she had stayed in England.

Barbara not only volunteers to answer the phones, but she also serves as a shift supervisor and a Safe Place co-facilitator. She says that volunteering with Samaritans is tremendously rewarding work, and it’s a delight to work alongside other Samaritans.

Barbara's story 

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