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Are internships available?

Students and Teacher in Classroom

Internships are available to undergraduate and graduate-level students

for credit and real-world experience on our hotline.

Samaritans Southcoast partners with colleges and universities, including

UMass Dartmouth, Bridgewater State University, and Bristol Community College,

among others. 


Students interested in serving as interns at Samaritans Southcoast should first discuss their interest with their college or university professor or internship coordinator and then contact Samaritans to enter the application process.   

Students are subject to the same guidelines as other hotline volunteers and can expect to enter into a comprehensive application process, including a background check, participate in a mandatory 35-hour training program, and commit to serving

at least six months on the hotline. 

Are you ready to become a Samaritans intern?  Please complete our online application